Art Exhibition: “Faces of Curaçao” Now on View in Curaçao


The show “Faces of Curaçao” is now on view in Curaçao, after exhibitions in New York and Rotterdam. The collective exhibition, curated by Sasha Dees, runs through September 21, 2013, at Landhuis Bloemhof, Santa Rosaweg 6, Willemstad, Curaçao.

Description: To see something when there is nothing requires a different way of looking at it. You have to really allow your eyes some time. You will get to a new layer of observation when you focus on something that you would normally just pass by. Hidden images will rise to the surface.

The Caribbean island of Curaçao gave multidisciplinary artist Mike Redman a similar experience. On one of the beaches of Curaçao, Redman was admiring the view, when suddenly he felt like he was the one being looked at. But it wasn’t a person that was staring at him; it was a piece of coral, washed up on the shore, that clearly had the shape of a skull. From this moment on he walked the beach with a different outlook. This resulted in an interesting series of photos. The compositions are not arranged or edited. The faces that are visible, are captured exactly as Redman found them. This formed the basis of the exhibition ‘Faces of Curaçao’.

Visual artist Faranú reinterpreted this concept and used the photos as a source of inspiration. She made a series of charcoal drawings in which also different images and faces arise, that in their turn remind viewers of eroded stones and beaches.

Video artist and choreographer Gabri Christa brings an important addition to Mike Redman’s and Faranú’s work. In her short film ‘Quarantine’, an old man looks at the image he has of his young self. The film is situated in a decayed quarantine building, dating from the slavery period. Christa invites viewers to look at even more faces from Curaçao.

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