Leading Caribbean and Latin American Artists to Receive Latin Grammy for Excellence


Prominent musicians Eddie Palmieri (Puerto Rico), Oscar D’León (Venezuela), Juan Formell (Cuba) of Los Van Van fame, Roberto Menescal (Brazil), Totó La Momposina (Colombia), Palito Ortega (Argentina), and Miguel Ríos (Spain) will be honored with The Latin Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mario Kreutzberger (Chile) aka “Don Francisco” and Pedro Ramírez Velázquez (Mexico) are the recipients of the prestigious Trustees Award. These honorees will be acknowledged on November 20, 2013, at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas as part of the weeklong 14th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® celebration. Here are excerpts:

[. . .] Eight-time GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY-winning pianist, bandleader and musician Eddie Palmieri has recorded nearly 40 albums and has a career that spans more than five decades. A first generation “Nuyorican,” he is best known for combining jazz piano and instrumental solos with Latin rhythms. Inspired by his older brother, renowned pianist Charlie Palmieri, he formed the band Conjunto La Perfecta in 1961, led by singer Ismael Quintana, and would go on to create an influential style and unique sound. In 1975, he won his first GRAMMY Award for Best Latin Recording for The Sun Of Latin Music, which was the first time the awards recognized the Latin music genre. Palmieri has toured the world many times over and is the recipient of numerous awards, honors and accolades.

[. . .] Born with rhythm in his blood, renowned Venezuelan singer and musician Oscar D’León is known as “El León de la Salsa” (“The Lion of Salsa”). At a young age, D’León expressed a love for music by vocally improvising harmonies and using surface tops to mimic percussion rhythms. Self-taught as a bass player, he gained notoriety for his ability to entertain by dancing, singing and playing instruments as he performed. [. . .]

juan_formellRenowned Cuban musician, bassist, composer, and arranger Juan Formell is the true definition of a musical innovator. His studies began under the tutelage of his father, musician and composer Francisco Formell. [. . .] Formell’s work with the Elio Reve’s Orchestra heralded his ingenuity as a pioneer in the sound of popular music. He introduced electronic instrumentation into the field of Cuban music, changing its form, style and structure and resulting in the creation of the “La Nueva Trova Cubana” (“the new Cuban ballad”). In 1969, he created Los Van Van – one of the most important and influential bands in the history of Cuban pop music. [. . .]

With a career that spans more than 50 years as a composer, producer, guitarist, and vocalist, Roberto Menescal is revered as one of the founders of bossa nova. Born in Brazil and beginning his professional career at age 20, his creative and brilliant songwriting ability, coupled with his rhythmic use of the guitar, has led him to create some of the country’s most beloved and classic songs, such as “O Barquinho,” “Você,” “Nós E O Mar,” “Bye, Bye Brasil,” and “Rio,” among others. [. . .]

toto.A2AOMEDHailing from Colombia, singer and performer Totó La Momposina is a national treasure. Her music is inspired by a rich cultural mix of African, Native Indian, and Spanish history that embraces her native land and is represented in the Latin American rhythms she presents. Touring and performing at a young age in coastal villages, her deep love for her roots and musical traditions developed into her signature style. While studying music history, choreography and rhythm at Paris’ Sorbonne University, she also began touring in Europe, presenting for the first time the indigenous music of her homeland to the outside world.

[. . .] Argentine singer, actor, producer and former politician Palito Ortega is an integral part of the great rock and roll pantheon of artists whose innovations were credited with the nueva ola (new wave) of music during the 1960s. [. . .]

For full articles, see http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/oscar-dleon-juan-formell-roberto-menescal-toto-la-momposina-palito-ortega-eddie-palmieri-and-miguel-rios-to-be-honored-with-the-latin-recording-academy-lifetime-achievement-award-222155871.html, http://www.ain.cu/idiomas/Ingles/2013/0904%20Latin%20Grammy.htm and http://www.vocero.com/367108/

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