Dominican Republic Gold Fever Spreads to Haiti Border

dajabonCROPz0x209y400Canadian mining company Unigold Resources joins other Canadian companies, such as Gold Quest and Barrick Gold, to drill for gold, copper, and other metals in the Dajabón province of the Dominican Republic, along the Haitian border.

Canadian miner Unigold Resources on Tuesday was issued a permit to drill for gold and other metals at Dajabón province (northwest), where it expects to strike a major deposit along the Haiti border area.

Mining Agency director Alexander Medina said the authorization for Unigold forms part of at least 140 permits issued to various companies seeking metals and non-metallic minerals. The also Canadian company Gold Quest has received most of the permits to explore for the metal, with concessions at of San Juan de la Maguana province (west), where it was determined that there are large amounts of gold and copper.

The also Canadian miner Barrick Gold currently extracts gold and silver at Pueblo Viejo, Cotui (central), considered the world’s second biggest mine.

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