Reminder: RITA Group Seminar Series 2013-14: Caribbean Literature and Space


This is a reminder that the deadline for abstracts for The Race in the Americas (RITA) Group Seminar Series 2013-14—Caribbean Literature and Space is Monday, September 16, 2013. The series will take place at the Department of Geography of the University of Sheffield (in South Yorkshire, England) on Friday, November 8, 2013. Dr. Patricia Noxolo, on behalf of the RITA group, seeks papers from postgraduate students and established academics on the theme of Caribbean literature and space.

Submissions on any aspect of the spatialities of Caribbean literature are welcome. These might include:

  • The Spaces within Caribbean literature (how authors and works describe and theorise space and spatiality, e.g. mythological or fantasy spaces, global space, regional, national, rural or urban spaces, communal spaces, the home or the body as a space);
  • The spatial flows of Caribbean literature (how Caribbean literature has been published, distributed and read in different places or along different global routes);
  • The ‘spaces’ occupied by Caribbean literature (positions taken by Caribbean literature in different disciplines, and the role it has played in global and local reading cultures)

The Race in the Americas (RITA) group is holding a series of four seminars across the UK during the academic year 2013-14 as part of the Regional Seminar Series, which is funded by the Institute for the Study of the Americas (

Send all submissions to

For more information, see—14-caribbean-literature-and-space-the-university-of-sheffield-friday-8th-august-2013

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