Sandcastle Builders Hope to Set World Record in Puerto Rico


Thousands of Puerto Ricans will gather on the beach this weekend in this northeastern coastal city and try to set a new world record for most sandcastles built in an hour, the organizer of the event said.

Participants in Sunday’s Banana Boat Sand Castle Challenge in this resort city, located near San Juan, will try to beat the record – set last year in Ireland – of 1,939 sand castles built in 60 minutes, Phillip Ruiz said at a press conference.

Teams consisting of a maximum of seven people will build sand castles no larger than two feet high by two feet wide within a seven-by-seven-foot space, Ruiz said.

The team that constructs the largest number of sand castles in the allotted time will receive a cash award of $1,500, the organizer said.

One of the goals of the competition is for families to come together and “learn to share and enjoy themselves,” Carolina Mayor Jose Aponte Dalmau said.

Banana Boat, a sunscreen brand owned by Missouri-based Energizer Holdings, will donate $2 for every sand castle built – up to a maximum of $5,000 – to the American Cancer Society.

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