New Book: “Días,” A Puerto Rican Graphic Novel


This year, Libros AC published its first graphic novel Días [Days] by artists Rosaura Rodríguez and Omar Banuchi. Iván J. Pérez describes this first local independent comic book—which was originally published in twelve episodes on simple printed paper—as “sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic.” He also states that, although Días is not for children, it is not at all vulgar or violent. He calls it a sophisticated work that deserves to be read and enjoyed as a graphic novel for discerning readers.

Description: With over two hundred pages in attractive black and white print, including an epilogue, games, and previously unpublished comic strips, the new format is an innovative way to read or reread the daily and autobiographical stories of these two artists. The way they recount everyday life at home or at work, nights in the street, and off-island travel is always lively and interesting. Both Rodríguez and Banuchi have undertaken the task of not only writing about the mundane with tenderness and attention to detail, but of “playing” with the established format in each edition. The editions change genres, themes, drawing styles, and fonts, in the pursuit of capturing the complexity and beauty of the experience of young adults in Puerto Rico. Idiosyncratic and even ambiguous at times, the text is always a pleasure to read.

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