The award-winning documentary, “Akwantu: the Journey,” a tribute to the determination and drive of the Maroons of Jamaica who refused to be slaves, will be screened in New York on Aug. 28, as part of an international, multicity showing in recognition of the United Nation’s International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition, The New York Daily News reports.

Director Roy Anderson is scheduled to attend the invitation-only showing of “Akwantu” at the United Nations in Manhattan and screenings are also set for Kingston, Jamaica, Los Angeles and Oakland, Toronto, Amsterdam and Liverpool. The New York screening is being organized by Jamaica’s Mission to the United Nations.


Even before the Haitians trounced French military in 1791, a mighty band of Africans in Jamaica rejected slavery, fought the British and ultimately forced the colonial power to agree to peace treaties and the establishment of a self-governing, independent Maroon society.

To see a trailer of the film, visit For more on the film, including information on hosting a screening, digital downloads and purchase of a DVD for home use, visit

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