Ricky Martin On GQ Australia Cover As ‘A Role Model For The Entire Planet’


Ricky Martin is getting nothing but love in Australia, The Hufington Post reports.

After participating as a coach in the latest season of “The Voice Australia,” the Puerto Rican singer has established a strong bond with his fans Down Under. But the country wants more Rickys in the world, which is why the September cover of Australia’s GQ presents the star as “a role model for the entire planet.”

GQ’s Tiffany Bakker interviewed the singer in his native Puerto Rico and accompanied the star during his New York photo shoot for the magazine. In the excerpt released online on Thursday, the journalist describes a well-rounded and mature Ricky who has “grown into his looks – the wrinkles around his eyes suit him and let the wider world know that, at 41, he’s not the fresh-faced kid he once was.”


Bakker emphasizes that the star has come a long way from his Menudo boy-band days of flirtatious lyrics and dance moves. She also notes that despite having publicly come out as gay in 2010, Ricky’s “appeal crosses boundaries — age, gender, sexuality, hipsterdom” as was evident when several older women were drawn to the singer during their time in New York.

“Why not?” Ricky told Bakker. “Why discriminate? I love everyone!”

Photographer Miguel Reveriego captured Ricky for GQ Australia’s September issue.

For the original report go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/23/ricky-martin-gq-australia_n_3807010.html

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