New Book: “Where I See the Sun, Contemporary Poetry in St. Martin”


House of Nehesi Publishers recently published a new anthology that gathers poets from St. Martin— Where I See the Sun: Contemporary Poetry in St. Martin (2013), edited by Lasana M. Sekou. Here are some of the review blurbs:

Poet and scholar Kamau Brathwaite writes: “It is a rare & sparkle event to have an anthology of (mainly) young poets already into memories, their bright eyes searching the horizon for future & language to come out of one of our Caribbean islands, this time St. Martin.”

Adrian Green, spoken word artist (Barbados): “This wave of contemporary poetry from St. Martin … is an act of self-analysis, self-love, and self-preservation… It says what must be said and what must be heard.”

Minerva Dormoy (Department of Culture, Collectivity of St. Martin): “One day we could forget about these times, who we loved, what we feared, where we wanted to go, when we departed for our independent future, and that is when Where I See the Sun will reveal older secrets, why and how poets are the memory keepers of the nation.”

For publishing information, see

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