Cuban Medical Brigade Launched Health Fair in Tobago

cuban-medicalCuban doctors are still very invoved in sharing their expertise in other Caribbean countries. The Cuban Medical brigade in the two-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago launched a health fair last weekend, in which residents of Tobago were able to access different specialized services.

A report by the Cuban embassy from the capital Port of Spain explains that the services offered to participants in the fair included angiology, neurology, nephrology, oncology and general medicine. The initiative included medical check-ups to nearly 100 people.

The fair, organized by Tobago’s health authorities and the Cuban embassy, was also attended by lawmaker and health services secretary Claudia Groome Duke, who met with the Cuban medical collaborators and she expressed her gratefulness to Cuban ambassador Humberto Rivero for the initiative.

The Cuban ambassador, who will soon conclude his diplomatic mission in the sister Caribbean nation, stressed the willingness and efforts of the medical personnel in implementing the fair initiative, which offered Tobago citizens some of the services, which are not usually available in their territory.(ACN)

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