Please help find 30 feet long Solo message-in-a-bottle, Caribbean islands


The story of the high-tech 30 feet long message-in-a-bottle, which uploaded pictures while crossing the Atlantic has gained attention world wide, but last Sunday the bottle lost its satellite connection, Nabanita Singha Roy reports.

Now the bottle is in the proximity of the Caribbean islands and the company behind the project is asking people in the area to keep a look out.

The giant bottle was released to the ocean currents outside of Tenerife on March 15th. Besides it’s own twitter account (@solosoftdrink) it comes with state-of-the-art tracking equipment allowing fans to follow its progress across a world map online, along with a 360 degree camera taking photos every eight hours. But after last weeks heavy sun storms, the satellite connection is down and the company is for the moment not able to get updates on the bottles whereabouts.


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