Digicel to Remove Roaming Rates in the Caribbean

phone-2-512Digicel will be dispensing with roaming charges across its Caribbean and US markets. The move will apply to voice, SMS and data roaming charges, meaning customers will pay the same rates when they travel in the Caribbean and the US.  The new plan will be in place by October 1, without an activation fee, the company said. Digicel is the Caribbean’s first carrier to eliminate roaming charges.

“At Digicel, we are always looking for new ways to drive value to our customer base and to keep people connected,” said Brian Finn, Digicel Group Commercial Director. “We are proud to be the first operator to be making this move and to be ensuring that our valued customers can communicate easily and economically wherever they are in the region.”

Digicel said the move followed what it called a “fantastic customer reaction” to its “Same Rates a Yaad” plan, which it had launched in Jamaica and mirrored in other regional markets. “This move by Digicel is commendable, and is definitely a step in the right direction,” said Jamaican Energy and Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell.

Digicel operates in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific.

For original article, see http://dominicavibes.dm/content/digicel-to-remove-roaming-rates/

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