Derek Walcott: Poetry is an Island at the t+t film festival 2013


Some of our readers will be happy to learn that a film-in-progress we have been reporting on, the documentary ‘Poetry is an island, Derek Walcott,’ is part of the official selection of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festval 2013. Their world premiere will be in Port of Spain next month!

AS A POET, playwright, painter and even filmmaker, Derek Walcott has been hymning the Caribbean for over 60 years. This documentary presents an intimate portrait of the St Lucian Nobel laureate for literature, set in his beloved native island. The film observes Walcott in places essential to his work and life, such as his art studio and childhood home, and gathers the thoughts of his closest friends. Most importantly, this documentary is a celebration of the greatest gift Walcott has given the world: his poetry

Fourteen of the films -including this ine- will be in official competition, for one or more of four awards: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best T&T Feature and Best Caribbean Film by an International Filmmaker.

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You can watch the film’s trailer at

2 thoughts on “Derek Walcott: Poetry is an Island at the t+t film festival 2013

  1. Awesome! I look forward to it making its way to US distribution. Makes me think of the bigger question: What will I give the world?

    Truly, Walcott has given much through his gifts. He is a tremendous inspiration.

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