Caribbean Carnival Exchange concludes in Barranquilla


The First Meeting of Caribbean Carnival, which for two days gets together representatives from eight countries, concluded in the Colombian city of Barranquilla with an invitation to a new meeting in 2015 in Trinidad and Tobago.

During the closing day, renowned specialists, researchers and artists from Cuba, Panama, Aruba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, among others, proposed to encourage this type of event seeking to strengthen the protection, preservation and management of the carnival in this region.

Among the initiatives from the heat of the discussion, participants raised the need to create a joint network bringing together such a tradition in the Caribbean.

The exchange of experiences and the way to build and strengthen the Caribbean Carnival surfaced in this meeting, which opened the program with the celebration of the first decade of the Carnival of Barranquilla as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The meeting included until Saturday eight conferences where everyone brought their experiences in celebrations such as Carnivals of Santiago de Cuba, “Cocolo Dance Theater” of San Pedro de Macoris, in the Dominican Republic or Parachicos of Chiapas, Mexico.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, will host the next meeting that in the future will be hold every two years.

For more information (in Spanish) go to

El Primer Encuentro Carnavales del Caribe deja retos y proyectos

En busca de una red de carnavales del Caribe

For the original report go to: Caribbean Carnival Exchange concludes in Barranquilla

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