U.S. Artists in Charity Race for Puerto Rico Dogs, Cats


Cast members of the American television comedy-drama series “Devious Maids” and other U.S. artists will compete Saturday in a charity race to benefit the PetSOS organization, which is working to upgrade an animal shelter in Puerto Rico, The Latin American Herald Tribune reports.

Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez said Tuesday in a press conference that her fellow cast members in the series, executive co-produced by Eva Longoria, will take part in the invitation-only “Amazing Paw Paw Race” in the U.S. commonwealth.

The artists slated to participate include “Devious Maids” actresses Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem and Rebecca Wisocky, as well as American actor and singer-songwriter Jencarlos Canela, Puerto Rican singer Ana Isabelle, television host Jaime Mayol, actor Julian Gil and his girlfriend, Colombian actress Viviana Serna.

The 40-year-old Sanchez said the event was “really significant” because of its potential to help the Puerto Rican government improve the situation of stray dogs on the Caribbean island.

She called on Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s administration to include the effort to rescue these animals among its other top priorities such as combating crime and unemployment and improving public health.

Sanchez said the number of stray dogs in Puerto Rico has tripled over the past decade to 300,000 and called on the island’s authorities to open more shelters to house these canines.

Referring to the race, she said the different team members must be “very athletic” because they will have to navigate an obstacle course spanning six different municipalities.

The funds raised for PetSOS also will be used to organize a large-scale spay and neuter drive on the island aimed at sterilizing hundreds of dogs and cats belonging to needy families. EFE

For the original report go to http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=924429&CategoryId=13003

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