Cuba Honors Luis Carbonell, Aquarellist of the Antillean Poetry


Artists, public and even the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, paid tribute to the legendary poetry reciter Luis Carbonell on his 90th birthday, Prensa Latina published today.

The newspaper Juventud Rebelde reviewed the gala devoted to the so-called Aquarellist of the Antillean Poetry, where was read a letter in which Raul Castro highlighted Carbonell’s contribution to Cuban culture.

The crowded theater Mella gave an ovation when Carbonell recited his most famous work perhaps, by mischievous and musical, “La Negra Fuló” resounded with clarity, force, rhythm, intention and Cuban-ness.

In the homage performed singers Pablo Milanes, Farah Maria, Coco Freeman, Emilia Morales, Marta Campos and the Schola Cantorum Coralina, besides ballets of Tropicana and the Cuban Television, among others.

Carbonell is the most recognized figure of declamation in Cuba, through which has helped to promote Cuban culture and call black poetry of Ballagas, Guillen or Tallet.

In recent dialogue with Prensa Latina, Carbonell confessed to receit poems grew from a habit to an incurable habit in his life.

“Poetry has been everything to me, feeds me, makes me grow inside. I began by chance, I got used to declaim, it became soon a habit and then has been a vice,” said the Master.

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