Art Exhibition—“Emilio Sánchez: Luz, línea y sombra”


For those of you living in Puerto Rico, you have one more week to take a look at “Emilio Sánchez: luz, línea y sombra” at the Ponce Museum of Art (in Ponce, Puerto Rico). The exhibition, which ends on August 12, 2013, presents the Cuban artist’s trajectory, starting with early works from the 1950s to the 1990s. Born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1921, the visual artist died in New York in 1999. The Ponce Museum of Art [El Museo de Arte de Ponce] holds the largest collection of works by Sánchez, thanks to a generous gift of over 400 pieces donated by the Emilio Sánchez Foundation.

The Ponce museum is the ideal place to tell Sánchez’s story of and show his work, not only because of the profound connection the artist established with Puerto Rico during his visits to the island, but by the context provided by the important Caribbean art collection that the museum houses, with more than 2,000 works on paper.

[. . .] In this exhibition, the public is invited to travel from early works in 1957 to those produced following the artist’s travels through the Caribbean and Morocco and during his life in New York until the 1990s. Here, one can see the transition from naturalism, with his landscapes in ink, to the near abstraction of lithographs and paintings, as well as his passion for representing the effects of light and shadow on architectural structures. The last room presents a dialogue between Sánchez’s other works in the Ponce collection, showing coherence within the museum’s collection.

This selection attests to the Sánchez’s importance in the history of Hispanic art in the United States, presenting an overview of his career and paying tribute to the artist as well as the splendor of light in the Caribbean.

For original description (in Spanish), seeánchez-luz-linea-y-sombra/3/41/44/

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