New Film: Félix Limardo’s “El Teniente Amado”


The new film El teniente amado premieres this week in the Dominican Republic. El teniente amado [The Beloved Lieutenant] is based on a true story; it chronicles the end of the Trujillo era—roughly between 1959 and 1961—and the life of Lieutenant Amado García Guerrero, a key figure in the plot that culminated in the assassination of dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina on May 20, 1961. He had ruled over the Dominican Republic with an iron fist since 1930.

Well-known Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco plays García Guerrero, with Mercedes Renard as his wife Carmen, and Enrique Castillo as Johnny Abbes. The film was directed by Felix Limardo and written by journalist Huchi Lora, who speaks about the film production in the link below.

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