Cuban Actress Asseneth Rodríguez Dies


Negra cubana tenía que ser tells us that Cuban actress Asseneth Rodríguez passed away yesterday (August 4, 2013) in Havana. Along with Elvira Cervera, the blogger says, Rodríguez is “a symbol of the inclusion of black women in Cuban television long before 1959.”

The Ministry of Culture and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) issued a statement of condolence on Sunday, highlighting the career of Rodríguez, who worked, from a young age, in theater, radio, television, and film. Radio Rebelde announced a wake held for the actress at a funeral home (at Calzada and K Avenues in El Vedado) last night. Today, at 2:00pm, she will be cremated and her ashes will be deposited in the Pantheon of Artists in the Christopher Columbus Cemetery [Cementerio Cristóbal Colón].

The late actress is remembered by appearances that include roles in films such as Juan Carlos Tabío’s Lista de espera (2000) and soap operas like Añorado encuentro (2011), Al compás del son (2005), and Los papaloteros (1991).

It is very difficult to find much information online or photos of the actress, as Negra cubana says. The photo above is a screenshot from Salut les cubains!, an Agnès Varda documentary in which the Cuban actress is seen dancing in the last five minutes of the film, along with a very young (filmmaker) Sara Gómez, who assisted Varda in her shoots.

As NC recommends, watch Asseneth Rodríguez in Agnès Varda’s Salut les cubains! here:

You may also see an interview with the actress here:

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