Art Exhibition: Global Caribbean IV


The collective exhibition “Global Caribbean IV”—which opened on May 24, 2013—has been extended until August 25 at Habitation Clément (La Cuverie) in Martinique. Managed by Edouard Duval-Carrié and supported by the Clément Foundation, the exhibition presents fourteen artists from the French Caribbean territories: Eddy Firmin (Ano), Christian Bertin, Ernest Breleur , Jean-Marc Hunt, Thierry Jarrin, Valérie John, Louis Laouchez, Mirtho Linguet (Mirto), Christophe Mert, Bruno Pédurand, Luz Severino, Philippe Thomarel, Thierry Tian Sio Po, and Laurent Valère.

The Global Caribbean Project under sponsorship of the “Caraïbes en creation” program at the French Institute was established to promote Caribbean contemporary artistic expression. This fourth exhibition, entitled “Global Caribbean IV: French West Indies & Guiana: Focus on Contemporary Expression,” is presented in partnership with the Green Family Foundation in Miami, the Little Haiti Cultural Center, the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, and the French Institute.

This exhibition was first shown at the Little Haiti Cultural Center as part of the prestigious international event Art Basel-Miami, from December 7, 2012, to February 16, 2013.

The catalogue for this exhibition is on sale at the Habitation Clément shop or via

For more information (in French), see

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