Placide Louverture

PlacideMany thanks to writer Ernest Pépin for sharing this piece from Une autre histoire: histoires oubliées, histoires occultées [Another History: Forgotten Histories, Hidden Histories]. The article tracks the story of Placide Louverture, son of Suzanne Simon Baptiste and Toussaint Louverture. Here is my translation with a link to the French original below.

Placide Louverture was born in in 1781, before his mother’s marriage to Toussaint Louverture, who accepted him as his legitimate son. When Toussaint was arrested and deported on June 8, 1802, by order of Napoléon Bonaparte, Placide and his brothers—Saint-Jean and Isaac—followed their father.

The Louverture family was welcomed to Agen by Elisabeth-Bénédictine de Clairfontaine (née Boulogne) half-sister of [Joseph Boulogne] the Chevalier de Sant-George, which, in 1802, was an act of courage. Elisabeth-Bénédictine, who was, what we would call today, a liberated woman, always supported her half-brother, the knight, providing him assistance. Located in Agen, she honored his memory after his death, taking care of the Louverture family with whom she maintained a friendship. [For more information on the Chevalier de Sant-George, or Saint-George, also known as the Black Mozart, see previous posts Documentary on Guadeloupe’s Chevalier de Saint George: “Mozart Noir à Cuba” and New Book: Jeanne Romana’s “Nanon et moi, Chevalier de Saint-George”.]

Isaac Louverture married his cousin Louise Chancy; Saint-Jean Louverture, who loved his father, died of grief in 1804 after learning about his murder at Fort de Joux. Placide fell in love with a young woman from a noble family, Joséphine de Lacaze. [. . .] A racist circular was sent out by Napoleon in 1803 (not reported for part of the Restoration) prohibiting marriages between African descendants and the rest of the population and Placide had to request an administrative authorization from the Minister of the Navy on November 13, 1816, which was denied. He finally married his fiancée on May 16, 1821. They had two children, Rose and Armand. Placide died in Agen on January 16, 1841. [. . .]

[Suzanne Louverture died in 1816, in the arms of her sons, Placide and Isaac.]

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