Haiti Cultural Exchange Presents a Tribute to Mimi Barthélémy


Haiti Cultural Exchange presents “Kont ak Mizik Anba Tonèl; Ochan Pou Mimi Barthélémy,” a special tribute to the late Mimi Barthélémy to be held on Saturday, August 24, 2013, from 6:00-10:00pm (with a reception from 6:00-7:00pm. The tribute will take place at FiveMyles Gallery, located at 558 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York.  

As a Haitian storyteller, Mimi Barthélémy worked to create, document and perform Haitian folktales capturing the imagination of generations with her powerful voice. Her works have included “La Reine des Poissons,” “Contes Diaboliques d’Haïti,” and “Dis-moi des Chansons d’Haïti.” In commemoration to her life, “Kont ak Mizik Anba Tonèl” will share a selection of Mimi Barthélémy’s Haitian folktales as performed by Melissa Beauvery, Jennifer Celestin, Atibon Legba, and Laura Simms, with music by Riva Nyri Precil and Jean Mary Brignol.

The event includes delectable refreshments provided by Chez Elle Catering. For admission, there is a $10 suggested donation. Due to the high volume of this event, RSVP is strongly suggested by email at rsvp@haiticulturalx.org.

For more information, see http://haiticulturalx.org/program-03

Image from http://www.uncahier-uncrayon.org/

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