A Night at the Cooler: Performance, Music, and Film at Edge Zones


Edge Zones Art Projects presents “A Night at the Cooler.” The evening includes video screenings, experimental music by UOM, and performance. Edge Zones is located at 60 NE 39th Street, Miami, Florida.

“The Most Delicious Moment,” curated by Oscar Fuentes, includes performances by José Manuel Domínguez, Sergio Mora, Oscar Fuentes, Samantha Pazos, Eric Thompson Green, and Matt Taylor’s Trio. Film screenings include works by David Boub, Davis Rohn, Christina Molina, Rey Andújar, Gabriel Martínez, Kathy Rose, and Avelino Sala.

For more information contact Charo Oquet at Edge Zones at (305) 303 8852 or edgezones@me.com and visit www.edgezones.org

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