New Book: Tere Marichal’s “Pancha la planchadora”


The new book, Pancha la planchadora (BISAC: Literary Collections/Caribbean & Latin American ) by Tere Marichal-Lugo, focuses on teaching children about sustainable energy and helping them find ways to save energy.

The book’s title [Pancha the Ironer] derives from a common tongue twister: “Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas; ¿con cuántas planchas plancha Pancha?” As you can see by this rough translation—Pancha irons with four irons; how many irons does Pancha use to iron?—Pancha Delarrosa Valverde uses too many irons for pressing her clothes. Therefore, Pancha has a serious problem: she uses too much electricity. The story asks, “What can Pancha do to reduce energy consumption and help to protect the planet?”

For more information, see the author’s Facebook page at!/tmarichal?hc_location=timeline

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