Feeling stressed? Well, Ky-Mani Marley has a drink for you


With “One Love” and “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” Bob Marley created classic reggae songs that put many listeners into a state of relaxation. Now the Marley family is focused on providing a beverage to complement those tunes with the all-natural anti-energy/relaxation drink, Marley’s Mellow Mood, as The Amsterdam News reports. During a gallery visit to view Motown to Def Jam, Ky-Mani Marley shared his inspiration for serving as brand ambassador of the drink created in homage to his father.

“We’re all used to get up in the morning, working and our mind is on go, go, go. I admit I am a go, go guy myself but this drink actually helps me to wind down,” he says. “Reggae music is soothing so it’s only right we create something that stimulates relaxation.”

When he’s not promoting the drink he is focusing on completing his forthcoming untitled sixth studio album. He considers it to be his best project yet now that he’s found a balance between carrying forth his father’s musical legacy and remaining true to his own vision. “I been through so much trial and error trying to mold who I am, where it is its own entity but fits within the legacy. I grew up in Miami’s drug infested inner city so it is important for me to express myself fully and not be something people expect because of my last name. It’s about being true to myself.”

When Ky-Mani is totally honest with himself he admits to a flaw of wanting to please everybody. Over the years he has channeled that into a strength and motivation to give back through his Love Over All Foundation (LOAF). “That flaw is the one that molds my character. It made me want to go out and become a philanthropist,” he says. “I don’t understand rappers buying a $90,000 chain or throwing money up in the strip clubs when there is a homeless guy who needs $5 for lunch and you pass them everyday.” Through LOAF, Ky-Mani plans to throw his money and passion into the development of a music program for youth in Jamaica.

For the original report go to http://www.amsterdamnews.com/arts_and_entertainment/columnists/harlem_arts_alliance/feeling-stressed-well-ky-mani-marley-has-a-drink-for/article_3ef63ae4-f3a6-11e2-94e8-0019bb2963f4.html

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