Art Exhibition: “Passages”


Visiones Culturales, LLC invites you to the collective exhibition “Passages” at the Andrew Freedman House at 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York. The opening reception is scheduled for September 26, 2013, at 5:30pm, and the show will be open to the general public until October 10, 2013.

Description: Just in time for the Hispanic Heritage Month, 20 artists will explore the human condition at its raw state and how art is the passage to a different Hispanic experience. These art pieces will delve the things to which the human gravitates or holds on to when emotionally charged (religion, politics or social interactions, nostalgia, lust, passion, writing, music, dance). Josué Guarionex, Tanya Torres, José Pagán Ortiz, and Fanny Montero are among invited artists.

This exhibition, curated by Yolanda L. Rodríguez, will integrate the works of artists utilizing a variety of mediums and performance arts, and includes numerous art workshops for the community and cultural events. Some of the events include: Ghetto Brothers, Bomba Yo, Workshops by Carolina Bermudez and Yarisa Colón; Nilka Martel (Founder of G.I.V.E. Getting Involved, Virginia Ave. Efforts); among others, Noche de Poesía y Música Latinoamericana in collaboration with Asociación Internacional de Poetas y Escritores Hispanos AIPEH NY and Los Chamanes music group, Artist Marqueta in collaboration with the Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts (PRIDA), Live Art event in collaboration with YUCA Art Project, Artist Q & A and Short Film presentation, Dance Performers, DJs and Live Music.

Please visit the following websites for more information:  or

If you wish to donate to sponsor any of the artists participating and/or the non-profit organizations participating please feel free to visit the donation page at

You may also contact Yolanda L. Rodriguez and Margie Soto (Visones Culturales, LLC) at (646) 281-3402 or

Sculpture shown above, Josué Guarionex’s 2011 “Boca de tu boca.”

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