Grenada: Jail threat ‘for wearing combat gear’

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.21.23 PM

Wearing combat gear in Grenada could get you locked up for a year, it turns out, the BBC reports.

Civilians are banned from wearing camouflage clothing in several Caribbean islands, where police are often kitted out in military-style garb. But with the Spice Island gearing up for its annual carnival, police are adopting a “zero-tolerance” policy on the issue, reports the Caribbean Media Corporation. “The colour is not important; once it is reflective of military attire it’s an offence,” it quotes Assistant Commissioner Edvin Martin as saying.

And it seems he’s not happy about the approach taken by the island’s Customs officers to visitors’ dress, pointing out that tourists have been allowed entry when wearing combat clothes. “The law is pretty clear about person wearing military clothes but yet Customs release them,” he reportedly said. Anyone convicted could be fined 10,000 East Caribbean dollars (about £2,400) or jailed for a year, the report says.

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