Justin Bieber Buys House on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast


Yes, I know our readers really don’t need to know this but . . . here goes: according to Milan-based broker Alessandro Proto, Canadian superstar singer Justin Bieber bought a house in the outskirts of Cartagena, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Bieber has not made public statements about the purchase, but he has announced his forthcoming concert in Colombia in October. On his Latin American tour, the pop idol with also hold concerts in Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

Proto told Colombia Reports that “He came to Cartagena last month and fell in love with the place, the people, the climate, and the mansion.” According to Proto, the 308-square-meter property cost little more than $2 million and has seven bedrooms, a 1600-square-foot living room, four bathrooms, a cinema room, two open-air swimming pools, and a rehearsal room. Eye-catching triviality provided by the broker: Bieber took out all the doors in the house because of his claustrophobia.

For original articles, see http://colombiareports.com/justin-bieber-bought-house-on-colombia-caribbean-coast/ and http://colombiareports.com/bieber-to-spread-his-glory-in-colombia-late-october/

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