Jamaican author Kate A. Knight releases new mystery romance novel


South Florida based Jamaican author, Kate A. Knight releases new book, The Sins of Our Father, as South Florida Caribbean News reports.

The Sins of Our Father is a full-length mystery romance at about 450 pages. It is the first of The Sins Trilogy that follows Amy Koehler as she scours the criminal underworld to find her parents’ killers.

Amy’s father was a senior counter-intelligence officer with the CIA, an American hero killed in his prime, along with his wife who also died in the home invasion. Amy was reared to exacting standards to be a better version of her father, but decides to use her training as an Officer with US National Intelligence to find the people responsible, even if it means she must betray her country to do so.

The trail of breadcrumbs starts while Amy is posted at the embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, and comes just as an elusive criminal target appears and provides an opportunity that could see her promoted to the diplomatic Mission of her choice. Also fresh on the scene is Todd Birch, a charismatic diplomat who complements Amy’s rise to the apex of her career.

Despite her best intentions he becomes more than just a means to an end. The pure, primal attraction between them can neither be tamed nor denied. To further complicate Amy’s life and purpose, it is almost immediately clear that Todd is not who he claims to be.

The story is told from two different perspectives. The first person account comes from Amy who is ruthlessly pragmatic about pretty much everything, including love. She’s a hard character with a very jaded worldview and is hard to identify with at first, but she grows on the reader with time and starts to feel very real. She is a truly fascinating and intriguing character.

There is also a third person perspective, told by Anne Krieger whose relationship to Amy is part of the mystery. The transition between viewpoints is well done and really helps to draw in the audience.

The Sin of Our Father is based in Jamaica, and much like the location, the book presents a real world struggle where it is not always entirely clear who the bad guys are. The heroes could easily become the villains of the tale, and sometimes they do just that. It’s a dark book for a romance that forces the reader into serious introspection. The book easily lures the audience deep into the bowels of organized crime, and from the beginning causes them to become emotionally invested in the characters and outcome, as if they were real people and a true story that the reader knew.

The story flows smoothly and is a testament to the author’s excellent writing skills. Kate A. Knight is Jamaican, and although The Sins is a work of fiction, her background working with both the US and Jamaican governments comes through in her writing. She is one to look out for. Book 2 in the series promises to be a hit!

The Sins of Our Father is available on Amazon kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Google Books. It can also be downloaded as an app in the Amazon App Store, the Android App Store and Blackberry World (for Blackberry 10 and Playbook). Visit HTTP://KHATONPRESS.COM to learn more about the author and The Sins Trilogy, and for links to find the e-book and app.

For the original report go to http://www.sflcn.com/story.php?id=12939

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