Barbadian author puts Bathsheba centre-stage with new book

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Our thanks to Esther Figueroa for sending this item.

Facing North – Tales from Bathsheba is a collection of short stories recently published by new Barbadian author, Edison T. Williams. The ten intriguing stories span almost a century of Barbadian life from the 1930s to 2015 and beyond. The stories are told with humour and the insight of someone who understands the nuances of this small Caribbean society; they offer observations of the many colourful sides of the human experience. Facing North also deals with the way in which villagers’ lives can from time to time be impacted by its transient residents. But the Bathsheba in these stories is more than a small picturesque seaside village; it is a microcosm of Barbados.

Other writers had this to say about the book:

“Reminiscent of some of Mavis Gallant’s short fiction… The stories, all good reads, deal with serious current issues of …politics, economics, race, sex, land appropriation and identity…these are hopeful stories…” (Robert Edison Sandiford author of THE TREE OF YOUTH AND OTHER STORIES).
“(Edison T. Williams) is a story teller! He has the technique of gripping the reader from the beginning. (His) endings are classic Somerset Maugham/O. Henry. I have my favourites among the stories, ‘Desmond Lola and Bassman’ is fascinating…‘The New Sybaris’ is a riveting read… but I really loved them all.” (Peter Laurie, author of MAUBY’S QUEST FOR THE MAGIC FLOWER AND OTHER BOOKS.)

“…an excellent collection of short stories and a couple not so short. Good set of characters that remind me of Steinbeck’s Cannery Row…I would love to meet these characters…  ‘The New Sybaris’ is substantial and intricate in describing the many motives involved in a political issue.  I liked every story… If I can speak for the public, we want more.”(Lennard Sillanpää, On, Canada, Author of AWAKENING SIBERIA.)

Facing North – Tales from Bathsheba is available both on Amazon Kindle as an eBook,

ISBN: 978 9768233660 and on Amazon as a print book, ISBN: 978 9768233684. For a peek into the book, go to, where the introduction along with the entire first story, the award-winning ‘The Price of Fish’, is available as a sample read.

The author has had a professional career as hotelier and restaurateur. He took up writing short stories as part of his retirement activities. He has won several awards for his writing in Barbados’ National Independence Festival of Creative Arts.

His work is earmarked for publication in the NIFCA 2013 anthology and on

Author contact – Tel: 1 246 266 4784


Letters: Lodridge House, Salters, St. George, Barbados


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