Dominica to Receive Assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank

cdblogoThe Government of Dominica will receive assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank for the clearing and cleaning of areas affected flooding in April this year following torrential rainfall associated with the passage of a trough system.

CDB’s Board of Directors, at their meeting on July 18, approved an immediate response loan in the amount of US 750,000 which will also allow for the emergency restoration of services following damage caused by the rains and the flood.

Over the period April 17 to 25, 2013, a trough system dumped approximately 31.7 inches of rain on Dominica with the east and south-eastern districts being the most adversely affected.

Increased runoff volumes caused landslides and rock-falls and also flash flooding which caused significant damage to critical infrastructure elements. High velocity runoff washed away a 25 metre span of the main road in an area known as Williams Estate resulting in the death of two motorists travelling along this road.

The loan will not only pay for the clearing of debris from roads and drains but also for work to stabilize embankments, improve management of drainage discharge and build resilience within critical sections of Dominica’s road network.

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