First Gay Pride In Curaçao -September 25-29


Curaçao will celebrate its first full-fledged Pride this year with the launch of Curaçao Pride 2013 September 25-29—as The Chronicle reports.

Organizer is Curaçao Gay Pro, an association of professional organizations and individuals working with or for the Curaçao and International sexually diverse (LGBT) communities. Curaçao Gay Pro (CGPro) is a joint enterprise of Floris Suite Hotel, The Curaçao Pink House/Pride Foundation (FOKO), The Gallery Lounge gay club, Pepper Katana ( and Williwood country pub and terrace. CGPro takes over the reins of the Curaçao Gay Plasa Organization, which since 2005 has been organizing a precursor event called Curaçao’s Get Wet Festival, containing many pride elements.

The first Curaçao Pride will have a lot of celebrations, like a Masked Street Dance in downtown Willemstad, several theme parties, among them a White Party Curaçao Style, but also honoring of LGBT icons and allies, a movie marathon, spiritual celebrations, and as an extra this year, the first Caribbean Conference on Women and Sexual Diversity. Some activities will require registration, while others will be free. CGPro expects a considerable amount of visitors from the Caribbean, the USA and Canada, Latin America and Europe, contributing to Curaçao’s tourism drive.

Curaçao Pride 2013 is part of CGPro’s year program which runs till mid-2014. Other elements of this program are the first Caribbean Carnival Festival in February 2014, and a large All Caribbean Pride in May 2014, which will see an even larger attendance of visitors from abroad. Details of these events will be announced in the upcoming months. CGPro, is going to present Curaçao’s Pride Program 2013-2014 to the International Pride Organization INTERPRIDE and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association IGLTA.

For Curaçao Gay Pro and its constituents, the launch of Curaçao Pride 2013 means a new phase after 18 years of uninterrupted struggle for recognition and acceptance of sexual diversity by society by the Curaçao Gay movements. It also shows that Curaçao is following the worldwide trend towards sexual equality and deserves the label of the most Gay-Friendly Island of the Caribbean.

PRIDE Pre-Program September 22-24

Sunday 22 Opening Curaçao Rainbow House Chapel, Auditorium and Terrace

Symposium on Marriage, Workplace and Classroom Equality

Monday 23 Caribbean Women and Diversity 1st Pre Conference at Rainbow House

Tuesday 24 Caribbean Women and Diversity 2nd Pre Conference at Rainbow House

Caribbean Women and Diversity Main Conference Opening Night at Pink House

CURAÇAO PRIDE September 25-29

Wednesday 25 Caribbean Women and Diversity

LGBT Movie Marathon at Rainbow House

After Party at G-Lounge

Thursday 26 Pink House and Curaçao Gay Pro Awards Night and Show Time at Floris Suite Hotel

After Party at G-Lounge

Friday 27 Curaçao Pride Opening Night Rainbow Lounge at Floris Suite Hotel

Late Night Pride Party at G-Lounge

Saturday 28 Women and Diversity Conference Closing Ceremony at Rainbow House

Grand Street Dance of Masks (Main Event)

Grand White Party at Floris Suite Hotel (Main Event)

After Party at G-Lounge

Sunday 29 Caribbean After-Beach and Farewell Sunset Lime at Williwood (West Curaçao)

After Party at G-Lounge

Secretariat: Curaçao Pink House Tel: (5999) 6836945/ 4626619/4626616 /

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