Film in Progress: “iD – my Dominica Story”


UK-based filmmaker Richard Etienne (Maven Pictures UK) has embarked on a project to explore his identity and family history. He explains his hope that “the documentary will educate people, particularly young people, about Dominica, and also tell a positive story about its beauty and heritage and encourage others to find out more about their family history.

Description:  “Travel to the nature-rich island of Dominica to follow a young man’s virgin quest to discover the identity and beauty of his deceased fathers’ birthplace and of a legacy for future generations.”

The writes:

Richard Etienne is a man with a mission and purpose. The United Kingdom based up and coming filmmaker has wanted for a long time to explore his Dominican roots. Both of his parents migrated from Dominica, but the British born Etienne has never set foot on this unique island. In an effort to explore his native roots and to see and feel the island and its culture that he heard so much about as a child the filmmaker has set his sights on producing a documentary film about Dominica. For that he draws inspiration from his dad who sadly died of cancer nine years ago. “Next year is the 10th anniversary of my fathers’ passing therefore to honour his fond memories of Dominica I’m producing a documentary currently called ‘iD – my Dominica Story’,” Etienne told TDN.

The documentary will explore all aspects of the beautiful island with a keen focus on its geography, people, culture and traditions. “The idea is to celebrate a small and unknown island and place it firmly on the map,” Etienne said. Etienne has decided to open his project up to the public and friends of Dominica who would like to support his quest to tell the story of Dominica in a way that captures the world’s imagination.

Link to trailer:

Follow Richard’s progress at where you can also make a reward-giving donation. Also see

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