LIAT Challenges Sir Richard Branson

liat%20dash%208I-Witness News recently posted LIAT’s challenge to Sir Richard Branson. Apparently, LIAT posted the challenge on Monday, but later changed the settings on the video to “private.” It is no longer accessible on LIAT’s channel, but here it is courtesy of I-Witness News (on Facebook).

Taking the recent complaint letter as an opportunity to highlight LIAT airlines and get some publicity, thanking Branson for “putting LIAT, the Caribbean airline, on the world stage.” In the challenge video, Leeasa Pariss-Rudder—LIAT’s Director of Commercial and Customer Experience—says, “What a fantastic opportunity to showcase LIAT to the world. [. . .] Although we take every complaint seriously, it tickles us to know that we’re second only to Virgin to receive the funniest complaint letter ever written about an airline.” She later invites Branson to help LIAT by becoming a flight attendant, showing a photo of a made-up Branson. [Well, you’ve got to see this for yourselves.]

The challenge comes in response to a letter by a disgruntled passenger (Arthur Hicks) that Virgin Group founder Branson had reblogged, stating that one of his colleagues had told him that LIAT (which stands for Leeward Islands Air Transport) is “reputed to stand for Languishing In Airport Terminals.”

See challenge here:

For background information, see previous post ‘Keep the bag… I never liked it anyway’: Humorous complaint written by LIAT passenger

3 thoughts on “LIAT Challenges Sir Richard Branson

  1. This chick is so not brill…I can’t believe anyone would allow her to clean the air plane.. she is an idiot!

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