New Film: Luis Caballero’s “Romeo Romeo”


Writer, actor and film director Luis Caballero gives a new twist to William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette” with his forthcoming short film Romeo Romeo, which he will begin filming at the end of this month. In the interest of supporting emerging talent in Puerto Rico’s film industry, the director is working with students from the Film School in Puerto Nuevo and with Cinemovida—an initiative by Eduardo Rosado, producer of the film. The professional actors in the cast include Efraín López Neri, Lillian Hurst, Jackeline Duprey, Willie Denton, and Denzel O’Neill (who will play Romeo). The work will be filmed from July 28 to August 2, in the area of Barceloneta, where Caballero is from.

Romeo Romeo is about two teenage boys who are in love, but instead of having to fight for it because of opposition from their families, their detractors will be society and the church. Caballero explains, “With this story, I was not aiming to sanction fundamentalist elements that influence human behavior. In my previous films El color de la guayaba [The Color of Guava] and Mariposa [Butterfly], I spoke of the homosexuality of an eight year old child, but this time I wanted to present a celebration [of love]. In adolescence, there is an element that is ripped away by society and cataloged as a bad thing, so I wanted to create the world of Romeo and Julio, which exists under the dichotomy of religious elements. Julio is a Catholic and Romeo is a Protestant. These two elements create certain concepts that threaten the evolution and the free will of what one wants to be. I will present the purity of falling in love for the first time.”

Romeo Romeo will debut in the new edition of Puerto Rico Queer Film Fest, to be held the last quarter of the year. Caballero is also trying to screen it at the Lower East Side Gay Film Festival in New York and the Chicago International Film Festival.

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