Top Ten Islands—Caribbean Adventures for 2013


According to Caribbean Journal, “we all have different reasons for visiting the Caribbean, whether it’s about finding that great jerk chicken, or searching for a deserted beach. But sometimes we are just looking for a little thrill — even if we’re just visiting an island for the day.” As such, they compiled a list of their top 10 Caribbean adventures which should be visited this year. The list includes zip lining, river tubing and swimming with dolphins, among others. Islands included Bahamas, Bonaire, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten/St Martin, Tobago, and Turks and Caicos. Dominica’s whale watching placed 6th on the list.

“With all of the spectacular views within Dominica, it may be hard to imagine the need to get on a boat and head out to sea. But Dominica is unique in the world in that it has a year-round Sperm Whale population (and several other resident species),” the citation said. It highlights the Anchorage Hotel’s Whale Watch and Dive Center for doing these trips for more than two decades.

Swimming with dolphins and stingrays in Grand Cayman copped the top spot on the list, mounting biking in Tobago 2nd, the 12 Metre Challenge in St Maarten 3rd, River tubing in Jamaica 4th and Kayaking and snorkeling in Bonaire’s mangroves 5th. The other adventures which made it on the list were the Original Canopy Tour in Puerto Rico 7th, Paddleboarding the back country of Turks and Caicos 8th, Powerboat adventures in Nassau 9th and Loterie Farm in St Martin 10th.

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