Hemingway’s Typewriter: A Photo Exhibit



PHOTO EXHIBIT – GORDON GEBERT Café Galdós – Los Madrazo 10 Madrid . . 29 June to 20 July

In March 2012, as part of a course on “Cuba’s Transitions into the 21st Century,” I spent two weeks in Cuba with my co-instructors and students during which we visited Hemingway’s house outside Havana, “Finca Vigía.” There, my husband, Gordon A. Gebert, took a couple of photographs of Hemingways’ typewriter, a Corona Model #3 , produced some time between 1913 and 1919. He received the portable typewriter, a favorite of WWI war correspondents, from his fiancée, and used it throughout his life to post news stories, write poems and short stores and at least two of his novels, including The Sun Also Rises. He loved the machine so that he dedicated a poem to it:

The mills of the gods grind slowly

But this mill

Chatters in mechanica staccato,

Ugly short infantry of the mind,

Advancing over difficult terrain,

Make this Corona

Their mitrailleuse.



Some months back, Gordon gave me as a present a restored typewriter identical to Hemingway’s which he had found in perfect working order at an office antiques shop in Madrid.

This model has become the subject of an exhibit of his photographs opening tonight at the Café Galdós in Madrid. The 28 images on display explore the color, form, space and context comprising the magical link between Hemingway and the words he wrote.


For more on the exhibit go to http://gordongebert.wordpress.com

One thought on “Hemingway’s Typewriter: A Photo Exhibit

  1. What a fantastic relic! And I love the way Hemingway wrote a poem to his creative instrument. Somehow it just wouldn’t be the same if I tried that with my PC 😦

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