Caribbean Hub/BCRC-Caribbean Regional Training Workshop on Implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions

BC-UNEP verticalThe Caribbean Hub Sub-Component of the Project for Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (ACP MEAs Project) and the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Caribbean Region (BCRC-Caribbean) are holding a Regional Training Workshop on Drafting Legislation for the Implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. The workshop will be convened at the Cascadia Hotel and Conference Centre in St. Ann’s, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago from 17–19 July 2013.

This training workshop is intended to promote Caribbean Parties’ implementation of and compliance with the provisions of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (BRS Conventions) by providing training and advisory services in drafting national legislation or regulations pertaining to MEA implementation. The activity is expected to support the review, development and/or strengthening and harmonization of national legislation, regulatory and administrative frameworks and policies and will include the development and delivery of a regional training workshop.

The workshop is intended to achieve the following objectives: raise awareness among environmental officers, legislative drafters, and legal officers with a potential role to play in the implementation of the Conventions about the importance and implications of domesticating these MEAs into national law; raise participants’ awareness about the legal requirements and obligations of the Conventions and the options available for their domestication into national legislative frameworks; build capacity of legislative drafters, legal officers and environmental officers to draft environmental legislation; and build capacity of legislative drafters, legal officers and environmental officers to develop new legislation or amend existing legislation to incorporate statutes that meet requirements for putting the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions into national law.

The workshop will target one (1) national representative from each of the following: an environmental officer from the agency with principal responsibility for implementing legislation related to the management of toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes; and a legal officer from the government Ministry or agency responsible for preparing and implementing environmental legislation, particularly legislation related to the management of toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes, OR a legal drafter from the Attorney-General’s Chambers or the Ministry with responsibility for Legal Affairs. Therefore, two (2) participants from each of the seventeen (17) Caribbean States invited to the workshop will be in attendance.

The training to be provided during this workshop has been developed as a component of a joint ACP MEAs Project – BCRC-Caribbean project which led to the creation of the following tools: a compendium of the commitments required of the Parties for the implementation of the BRS Conventions; and a review of the Republic of Guyana’s legislative and regulatory framework for the implementation of the BRS Conventions.

The review report of Guyana’s legal and regulatory framework will provide a case study for the workshop participants. This review contains an assessment of what is required for the development of or amendment to the legislation of the Republic of Guyana in order to support the domestication of the BRS Conventions into national law.

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