New Book: Kizuna / Liyannaj


Kizuna/Liyannaj is a poetry collection by Élody Stanislas and her daughter, Alice Cham Stanislas, published by Éditions Jets d’Encre (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France) earlier this year.

Description: Under the bejeweled sun of Guadeloupe, mother and daughter sing songs of childhood, of missing loved ones, of ancestors, of Creolité, and of silences. From this relentless love, from this intimately precious link that joins the two women, springs a delicate and profound poetry, steeped in gratitude and devotion. Their voices rise and merge in the interstices of blue mornings to pay tribute together to the sacred gift of life … and to offer words that awaken, that unite, that battle separation, towards the familiar and triumphant “other place” where the radiance of dreams brightens the world.


Born in Saint-Denis in 1987, Élody Stanislas moved to Marie-Galante when she was ten years old. There, she built her own world, juggling the European and Creole cultures in which she was born and raised. The splendor of words is a way for her to communicate, to share, to heal wounds, and to laugh at the ignominies of life.

At age 14, Alice Cham Stanislas was already flirting with verses, scribbling acrostics without yet knowing their literary value. She is passionate, true to herself and her principles ​​, and she loves people and what is said. Her writings are always guided by emotion, by affairs of the heart, by outbursts.

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