New Album: Kassav’s “Sonjé”


I love it! Kassav’s new album—Sonjé—appeared in May, with great new pieces such “Sonjé PSE” [Let’s remember PSE] a tribute to their former singer Patrick Saint-Eloi (PSE) who passed away in September 18, 2010 [see previous post Former Kassav Singer Patrick Saint-Eloi Has Died].

In this beautiful, poignant zouk, Jean-Philippe Marthély takes the lead voice in remembrance of “a brother who has left, a pipirit who flew away (“un pipirit qui s’est envolé”). The pipirit is the local name for the Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis), well known for its magnificent trill (in Puerto Rico, we call it pitirre).

Listen to “Sonjé” here (where Kassav’ performs the song live):


Below is another song from the Sonjé collection–“Pa Lagé Mwen;” see this very nice music video directed by by Nathalie Carollo here:

For more information, see,, and

Also see Lennox Honychurch’s “A to Z of Dominica Heritage,” for more on the pipiri, at

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