Generals in the Dominican Republic’s Military

truntitledThe Dominican Republic’s Armed Forces have reduced the number of possible generals in the military from 147 to 54. Furthermore, now it will only be possible for officers to rise through the ranks through merit and experience rather than political favoritism.

Armed Forces Minister Sigfrido Pared said that the military’s new Statutory Law limits the number of generals, now at 147, to only 54.

He said those who had resorted to influential politicians to rise in rank can no longer do so, since to reach a higher rank, every officer will be subjected to a more rigorous evaluation than before. “We don’t want a captain or a major who hasn’t been a company or Navy commander, and instead when they get to be major, have the experience and training from the previous rank,” Pared said on Teleantillas. He added that it has to be so because otherwise, it would giving more space to the incompetent. “Because the incompetent officer always looks for ways to get help from a politician to get promoted and now it will be impossible, because he will undergo continuous evaluation.”

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