Cuban Travelers Dock at Cayman Islands


It seems like the occasional stopover of Cuban travelers in the Cayman Islands is still causing a lot of discomfort and discussion in the region. According to Cay Compass, a group of Cuban migrants on a make-shift boat pulled into George Town Harbor on Tuesday morning, apparently experiencing mechanical difficulties. There does not to seem to be any evidence that the Cubans were seeking to stay. James Whittaker writes:

The boat was docked at Diver’s Down dive shop on the waterfront from just before 9am Tuesday. Witnesses who saw the boat come in said one of the Cubans was taken to the hospital by ambulance in need of medical assistance.

There were around 20 people aboard the small wooden boat. A police craft hovered nearby, while officers stood guard to prevent any of the Cubans from landing. The Cayman Islands has a formal agreement with Cuba that it must repatriate any Cuban citizens who land illegally in the territory.

The boat was first spotted from South Sound at around 8.30am, apparently travelling from the direction of Cayman Brac.

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