Aduana Vieja, a publisher in Valencia, Spain, has announced the publication of Mirta Yáñez’s novel Sangra por la Herida, winner of the Premio Nacional de la Crítica (Cuba) and of the Premio de la Academia Cubana de la Lengua.

Set in the Havana of the late twentieth century, the novel follows a group of characters whose dreams and aspirations were forged in the 1960s and whose lives have unfolded within the history of the Cuban Revolution.

Hiding secrets related to a dark event in the past, their narratives form a tightly knotted choral structure that touches upon death, guilt and the inexorable passage of time. The nostalgic tale is not without its bittersweet comedy, achieved through a persistent tone of irony that is no stranger to compassion. The novel is both a forceful and lucid meditation on our times and a masterful tale by one of the most unique and consistent authors in Cuban literature today.

Mirta Yáñez (Havana, 1947). Storyteller, poet and essayist. He has won the Cuban Critics’ Award three times.

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