Radio Show: The Yurumein Film Project


The YURUMEIN film project has been getting great press. They have been featured by Caribbean News Now, See St. John and us [see Documentary Film: Andrea Leland’s “Yurumein”], among others. For our friends in the Chicago area, tonight (June 20), director/producer Andrea Leland will be discussing Yurumein, the story of the Caribs of St. Vincent, on WHPK Chicago at 5:00pm Central Time.

DJ Marta Nicolas will play some of the music from the YURUMEIN soundtrack and interview Leland. Music highlights include songs from Andy Palacio’s album Watina, and Rhodel “Rhodee” Castillo’s album In Exile. Through the following link, you can stream the interview live.

The film project is still dependent on the crowdfunding campaign that is running through its fiscal sponsor, the Center for Independent Documentary. The Yurumein team still has a long way to go to reach its goal of $20,000 by August 16, 2013, to finish and release the film.

You can watch a short trailer and read more about the film here:

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