Call for Papers: 5th “¿Del otro la’o?” Colloquium—Perspectives on Queer Sexualities


The Coordinating Committee of “¿Del otro la’o?: Perspectives on Queer Sexualities” invite you to its fifth edition of this colloquium, to be held March 4–6, 2014, at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez (my alma mater, in southwestern Puerto Rico). The Colloquium ¿Del otro la’o?, an initiative of students and faculty at UPR-RUM since 2006, is an international forum for dialogue and debate on themes related to queer sexualities. The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2013.

Description: The organizers are soliciting proposals in the following categories: papers for panels, roundtables, workshops, and artistic and performative interventions. The following is a list of suggested, but by no means exclusive, themes for proposals: queer sexualities and solidarity; queer sexualities and media; queer sexualities and violence; queer sexualities and work; queer sexualities and health; queer sexualities, class, and race; queer sexualities and the arts; queer sexualities, technology, and science; queer sexualities, children, and adolescents; queer sexualities and (re)socializations; queer sexualities and diasporas; queer sexualities, religions, and spiritualities; queer sexualities, social and governmental institutions; queer sexualities throughout history; queer sexualities, multiculturalism, and globalization; queer sexualities and testimonies (family, friends…); queer sexualities and human rights; queer sexualities and the law; queer sexualities and politics; and queer sexualities and education.


Panels–Constituted by the Programming Committee on the basis of accepted individual paper proposals. Panels will be organized around a common theme in sessions of three or four interventions. Each panelist will have twenty (20) minutes for her intervention. A session of dialogue with the audience will follow each panel.

Roundtables–Constituted in advance by the proponents. Roundtables approach a theme from different perspectives. They will consist of a maximum of four speakers, who will have the same amount of time for their interventions. Roundtables will be followed by a session of dialogue with the audience.

Workshops–These will have specific objectives and an expected product from the participants. The proposal should include the workshop’s purposes and the expected product. It should also mention whether it is intended for a particular audience and whether there is any restriction on the number of participants.

Artistic and Performative Interventions–These can include experimental performances, film screenings and discussions, poetic readings, and musical presentations related to queer sexualities. Dialogues with the audience will follow all such interventions. [Unfortunately, the institution cannot offer traveling funds.]

Requirements for Proposals: All proposals should include the title and category; name and affiliation; short bio (200 words or less); email of each participant; abstract (800 words or less); and specification of AV needs. Proposals should be submitted in MS Word format to:

Important Dates: Deadline for proposal submission is 31 October 2013; notifications of acceptance of proposals will arrive by 28 November 2013; participants must confirm attendance by 16 December 2013.

[Artwork above: Book cover from the proceedings of the 4th “¿Del otro la’o?” Colloquium.]

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