Screening in NYC: “La aguja/The Needle”


La aguja [The Needle], directed by Carmen Oquendo-Villar and José Correa Vigier, and produced by Felipe Tewes, will be playing at the Sunshine Cinema as part of the LES Film Festival on Thursday, June 20, 2013, at 6:00pm. Sunshine Cinema is located at 143 E. Houston Street in New York, New York. [Ms. Oquendo-Villar has been kind enough to offer Repeating Islands readers a 50% discount on tickets (see below).]  

The Needle is a 39-minute documentary that explores transgender life in Puerto Rico. It follows a gay man, José Quiñones, who runs a cosmetic clinic out of his home for a mostly transgender clientele. From his clinic, he doles out both treatment and advice. In spite of the tight bond he has formed with his clientele, Quiñones also reaches out to the estranged family that rejected him and never came to terms with his sexual identity.

For tickets (for Repeating Islands readers’ 50% discount, use promo code: needle419), see

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