Cubans Pay Tribute to Che Guevara

130613 1

Cuban students and workers from several provinces lay a flower every day at the niches treasuring the mortal remains of Ernesto Che Guevara and his compatriots killed in Bolivia, at the Memorial built in their honor in this central province.

The tribute has been paid since 1997, when the mortal remains of the Cuban heroes were brought to the memorial. The action now marks the 85th anniversary of Che’s birthday.

Mayra Romero, director of the memorial, told ACN that a ceremony will be held at the place on June 14, in which 85 new members of the Young Communist Organization will receive their accreditation cards.

Also on Friday, Cuban intellectuals will participate in a theoretical workshop at the Felix Varela University, which will be followed by a cultural gala with the participation of over 200 artists.

Other activities marking the historic date, include the opening of a visual arts exhibit and the screening of a documentary film, both on the life of Che Guevara.

Memorial worker Marta Arencibia said that June is a special month of the year at the place given the many visits by people who come to pay homage to the Heroic Guerrilla, as Che is popularly known among Cubans. The Che Guevara Memorial and its adjoining plaza has been visited by some 3 million people, many of them foreign visitors, since the facility was opened to the public in 1988.

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