Calle 13 Asks His Fans For Help To Write A Song


The singer of the Puerto Rican band Calle 13, René Pérez, asked his fans for help through his Twitter account to compose a new song that will be part of his next album, entitled “C13/2013,” as reports.

The first notice took place on June 8, when Perez tweeted: “It would be good to write a song together this week that comes out on the new album.” The singer continued to encourage the participation of his followers and two days after he added: “This week we’ll write a song together from London… around Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll let you know!”

Hours later the leader of Calle 13 had another idea and launched it in his social network: “Another possibility is that you record a lot of words and send them to me, so then I put them together like a puzzle. One song with the voices of all of you.”

And this last method seems to have been the most approved among the fans, since Perez had to soon add: “This week I’ll send you the complete information with an email so you can start sending the recorded audio. You can record from your computer, phone, etc.”

If the creation of this song between Perez and his followers is confirmed, it would be the second time that Calle 13 uses this method. They have already done it in 2010 with “El Hormiguero,” track No. 12 on their hit album ‘Entren los que quieran’.

At that time, it all started when the Puerto Rican said on Twitter: “I didn’t know that there are more ants than humans,” recalls the journal La Nacion from Costa Rica. A few hours later René had the idea to write a song inspired by those insects and invited his fans to help him.

The response was massive and the artist said he would take the ideas and work with them. He finished with the message: “Thank you all for helping. You will quickly identify it on the album.”

The impact of the song was so successful that it’s not shocking that Calle 13 has the intention to do it again. This is one of the many other features that distinguished this band from other similar in the genre of reggaeton.

For example, in the last days Perez made headlines after imprisoned himself in a jail in Puerto Rico, along with his parents and his wife (the Argentinean actress Soledad Fandino), as part of a protest over the release of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera who has been kept in a U.S. prison for more than three decades.

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