Puerto Rico becomes Caribbean’s kiteboarding center


Puerto Rico has become the kiteboarding center for the entire Caribbean thanks to a regular windy season and the proliferation of top quality schools, as EFE reports.

Fans of the spectacular sport, also known as kitesurfing, flock to the beaches of the Caribbean island, whose constant winds during much of the year make Puerto Rico the regional epicenter of this increasingly popular sport.

Options abound along the entire Puerto Rican coast, though the Ocean Park beaches in the capital, Salinas in the south, Isabela in the west and Dorado in the north are some of the favorites.

One of the new schools on the island that is contributing most to Puerto Rico’s kiteboarding boom is Goodwinds in Dorado.

Located at the Dorado Beach Resort, the kiteboarding school and watersports center is a feature of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a luxury hotel and tourist complex on the site of the old hotel at Dorado Beach that was opened by U.S. multimillionaire Laurance Rockefeller in 1958.

The watersports center provides classes in kiteboarding, windsurfing and sailing, along with boat rides and guides for freediving.

Puerto Rico’s kiteboarding schools offer two-day courses for approximately $500.

Those who venture to continue after the introductory course must pay a minimum of $1,000 for second-hand equipment or $2,000 for new kiteboarding gear.

For the original report go to http://www.laprensasa.com/309_america-in-english/2087439_puerto-rico-becomes-caribbean-s-kiteboarding-center.html

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