Art in Jamaica: ‘Generational Fusion’ Mixes


This article by Ruth Howard appeared in Jamaica’s Gleaner.

It was a quiet night of art, conversation, free-flowing wine, and one very pleased organiser. Winston Donald was all smiles as he explained the motivation behind the successful second staging of his art event, Generational Fusion.

“[Our goal is to] fuse established artists with emerging,” he said, adding that he hoped to use his event to give greater exposure to Jamaican artists and facilitate networking opportunities between art lovers and artists.

True to its name, Generational Fusion featured a wide cross-section of talent – from the experienced and seasoned hands of ceramic artists Vilya Thomas and Devon Townsend, to the new and edgy paintings of Josef Fung and Sashawana Buckland.

Their methods of artistic expression, years of experience, and inspirations varied, but they all shared a similar passion for art.

“I am heavily inspired by impressionism, pushing emotions that the eyes communicate,” said Josef Fung of his striking paintings. “The eyes can give a certain narrative, express emotions … . There can be beauty in dissonance.”

Vilya Thomas spoke about her love for the lady of paradise flower, which was the subject of many of her displayed pieces.

Devon Townsend confirmed the appreciation for plants obvious in his ceramic work, which included a breadfruit tea set, pumpkin teapot and barrel vase.

“Jamaica needs to appreciate the work of our people,” Donald said. “A lot of people don’t know that art is not just important for its aesthetic value, but is also a great investment. Personally, I’ve bought art for $26,000 and sold it back for $80,000. So I made a profit.”

The event was sponsored by Jamaica National and Barita Investments, and was being staged for the second time.

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